Management Team

Meet the Management and Acquisition Team at Alexander Property Holdings

We specialize in supervising all phases of project development with special emphasis on expense management.

 “Our management brings a diverse set of skills to enhancing value for our investors. The team members are experts at identifying opportunities, assembling the right mix of resources, implementing strategic alternatives and delivering bottom-line results.”

 - Gabe Alexander, CEO

Gabe Alexander - Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Gabe is the founder and CEO of Alexander Property Holdings, LLC and has been responsible for overall residential real estate projects for more than a decade. He has had extraordinary success in the redevelopment, repositioning, and renovation of commercial properties over his entire career. He manages and supervises all phases of project development with special emphasis on expense management.

Abe Guttman - Partner

Abe brings extensive expertise to the team in areas of redevelopment, construction and acquisitions. As a partner, he is actively involved in all aspects of the business with a focus on overall company growth, new business development and investor relations.

Huda Abboudi - Finance

Huda has been involved in property management and real estate acquisitions for over seven years. Huda specializes in due diligence and underwriting for new acquisition deals including development projects, value-add projects, and the acquisition of core assets. Using his background in accounting and finance, Huda has also found success in preparing and managing budgets and forecasts for each property.

Laura Abboudi - Operations

Using her unique background in business and communications, Laura manages internal corporate communications with all employees in order to address issues or concerns related to human resources, employee relations, training and compensation, and benefits. Laura maintains strong relationships with property managers in order to enhance the quality of life for each community. Laura also works closely with property managers to oversee daily operations and review invoicing and monthly financial reports for each respective property.

Jake Berdugo - Property Management and Development

As a graduate with honors from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Jake holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. After having years of experience with real estate management, Jake made the switch toward project management and real estate development. It is with these unique qualifications and experiences that Jake manages each of the properties at Alexander Property Holdings. Jake has found incredible success in handling all projects from start to finish, ensuring that each detail is attended to with a personal touch.

Christine Santaite - Regional Manager

Christine has recently joined our Ander Property LLC team as the Regional Manager to all residential properties within our portfolio. Christine has several years’ experience working in NYC for a point-of-purchase sales, marketing and design firm. She then moved over to the multi-family industry where she has worked for over ten years. She is passionate about evaluating the properties and making them as valuable as possible. Christine specializes in attention to detail on the maintenance of the properties, as well as enthusiastically training staff to provide exceptional customer service.

Nicole Corneyea - Property Manager

David Hager - Property Manager

Alexander Jamieson - Property Manager 

Kesha Hughes-Crenshaw - Property Manager

Selda Reid - Property Manager

Michelle Strickland - Property Manager

Moe Rudinsky - Acquistions

Patricia Vides – Accounts Payable

Angela Amengual - Property Manager

Michelle Fernandez - Property Manager

Kristen Gaston - Property Manager

Maritza Busch – Property Manager

Teresa Moffitt - Property Manager

Avi Alexander - Acquisitions

Blima Klugmann– Property Relations


Property Investment Managers: New York, NY | Alexander Property Holdings - triangle2Our team members are experts at identifying opportunities, assembling the right mix of resources, implementing our plans and delivering results.